Meet the Cowboys

We’re proud to introduce you to our Favorite Cowboys – Keith and Johnny who are located in Bradley, CA. These two have an egg’normous background in agriculture starting when they were just 8 years old, and now, they proudly raise our Pasture Raised eggs. They have always had chickens around the farm, but the true transition came when they took in a local cattle ranch owners’ few hundred chickens. “One day the owner decided he no longer wanted the chickens, so Keith and I took them in and have loved raising chickens ever since that day in 2012. We love raising chickens the way they should be raised- outside and under the sun! They all have fun personalities and love to talk your ear off. We have one chicken in particular that gets out of the pen every afternoon and visits us at our barn. It never fails, she comes around the corner and says hi and helps herself to the feed trailer.” We are so honored to have the Cowboys in our Favorites family.